Sunday, February 15, 2009

Going Electronic!

Going Electronic!

This week, WholeKids Pediatrics embarks on converting to electronic medical records (EMR). Electronic medical records allows for better documentation of patient visits, phone calls and referrals.  It also makes billing and payments much simpler.  The other great thing about having EMR is that the office becomes as paperless as we can make it - in keeping with the mission of being a environmentally friendly and responsible office.

The EMR system being implemented is called eClinicalWorks - a system well known in pediatrics.  Training will be ongoing the week of February 16th - 20th.  We ask for your patience as we learn this system more thoroughly - our processes might move a little slower until we learn the system well.  

I have used EMR in the past and loved it.  Using paper charts for this past few months was a necessity but I am glad to give it up for the electronic version.  Not only will I save paper but my hand won't cramp anymore as I tend to write a lot!

Thanks for your patience as we go through this conversion.