Monday, February 23, 2009

The Staff at WholeKids

In all the excitement with moving, I neglected to introduce the wonderful people that help me at WholeKids Pediatrics.

Kathy C. is my front desk administrator.  She brings a wealth of administrative and accounting experience to the practice.  Kathy does scheduling, helps with referrals and helps make our billing processes go smoothly.  She is a mother, grandmother and loves our patients.  In addition, she is Buckeye fan like me!

Kelly I. is my nurse.  She comes to us via Chicago and Arizona with a variety of nursing skills. She is a mom to three young children and manages to balance work and family well. Kelly is new to integrative pediatrics but is excited to learn as she practices at WholeKids Pediatrics. She will soon be a certified infant massage instructor.  Both Kelly and I are eager to incorporate more infant massage into our practice with one-on-one instruction and classes. We will keep you posted on these opportunities.

Last but not least, there is Lori W.  Lori is the wellness coach at WholeKids.  She is a gifted yoga teacher for both adults and kids.  She is also a holistic health counselor.  She assists me with developing individualized yoga routines as well as nutritional plans for patients whom I feel will benefit from her services.  She is a kind soul with a passion for working with kids.

As you can see, WholeKids is a small practice.  Just the way I envisioned it.  The goal is to know our patients well and have you all get to know us.  In addition to being an innovative practice, I hope to provide a place where you and your kids feel comfortable and cared for.