Monday, February 9, 2009

Environmentally Friendly Design

We have been in our new office for just over a month now. It has been a joy to work in an office that is light, airy and that has been designed to be friendly to the environment. I would like to share a little bit about the choices made in designing the office. The office was designed with the creative help of Jessica Walli of JKW Design and graphic designer, Dennis Field of Greenline Creative.

Paint is our main decorative touch. The paint is contains no volatile chemicals (VOCs) meaning that you don't get that "fresh painted" smell which comes from chemical particles off-gassing into the air. VOCs in paint can cause respiratory symptoms such as coughs, skin rashes and for some headaches and fatigue.

The carpet is the other big decorative touch. A carpet that was eco-friendly but could hold up to kids stomping around a lot was needed. The carpet in the office is a beautiful Angela Adams design which has green certification and is made of environmentally sound nylon fibers.

The final exciting find was the fabric for the exam tables. I wanted something that would be beautiful but safe and durable for the kids as they lay on the exam tables. I discovered Enviroleather which is a soft leather-like fabric that has no polyvinyl chloride, bromide or plasticizer in it unlike other vinyl exam tables. I can feel good about having your children lay down on these tables.

Sustainable Earth cleaning products, many of which are Green Seal certified, are used for general maintainance. In addition, paper is recycled and used to support a school fundraising effort. Last, but not least, we recycle our plastic and cardboard containers.

WholeKids Pediatrics is committed to being an evironmentally responsible medical practice. It benefits us as we work here and also, your children while they are in our care.